David Savage

I'm a software developer and consultant based in Houston, Texas.

Using NPoco With SQL Azure

NPoco has been my goto choice for database access in recent years. Now that more and more apps are being move up into the cloud, we’re naturally running into some new challenges with our old tools. Transient Faults If you’ve never deployed an application that interracts with SQL... [Read More]

Developing locally using Azure's Authentication Gateway

Securing a web site in Azure got pretty easy recently with the release of App Service Authentication/Authorization. Mobile App development has had this luxury for a while but now it’s being supported for web apps. If you’re familiar with the service and just looking for a way to do... [Read More]

Setting Up CRUD Test Conventions With Fixie

Unit Tests, conventions, and all their disagreements can be quite annoying. It’s like watching prime time cable news. So, when I wanted to set out and try something new, I feared the worst. To my surprise, it turned out a lot easier and better than I could have predicted. ... [Read More]

Profiling NserviceBus Transaction Options

I set out to write a new post on NServiceBus and ended up on an awesome journey of profiling the behavior when you turn transactions off. This post dives into what I found out. Transactions and NServiceBus In an article I have coming up on scaling... [Read More]

Scaling Workflows with NServicebus Routing Slips

If you’ve been using NServiceBus and Sagas, you owe it to yourself to check out Routing Slips. Essentially they’re a stateless alternative to Sagas and very useful for tackling workflow-processing needs. In this article I’ll take you from a simple handler, through a saga, and on to a... [Read More]