David Savage

I'm a software developer and consultant based in Houston, Texas. I started out as a web developer but these days I'm mostly focused on distributed systems.

Using Enumerations with NPoco

Recently, we tried to use the Enumerations project with NPoco. In our case, we wanted to get the enumeration Value to persist as an Int in our database. At first it seemed like we may need to create a Fluent Mapping for each property. But then I... [Read More]

Working with ServicePulse

Over the past year I’ve had the enjoyment of working with an established system built on NServiceBus and MSMQ. If you’ve had to investigate an issue in this scenario, you’ve gone through the exercise of combing through logs and failed messages; which can get a bit tedious at times. With... [Read More]

T4 Templates for just POCOs

Micro-Orms are a lot of fun to work with. Crafting your POCO’s by hand is not. PetaPoco ships with a great set of T4 templates to address this. But if you’re like me, you may have tried using them with NPoco and found it a bit troublesome. When all... [Read More]

.NET ORMs: A brief timeline

As part of a talk that I will be giving later this summer, I’ve been collecting a bit of data around the history of ORMs. I thought it worth while to share this a head of time. I may be adding more to this as I get time. <object width="100%"... [Read More]

Getting to know NPoco

Everyone loves a great library. One that shows up for work, does it’s job, and goes home without any hastle. They’re the tools that sit on our shelf, ready for use on just about any task. PetaPoco happens to be one of them. But all tools get worn down... [Read More]